Disk Jockey

Disk Jockey for macOS

Disk Jockey is a simple-to-use disk image creator and analyser for your retro computers (or emulators!).

A screenshot of Disk Jockey in simple mode
Disk Jockey for macOS creates images in these formats Disk Jockey for macOS shows the contents of images in these formats (Disk-O-Matic)
  • HFS+ volumes and partitions
  • HFS volumes and partitions
  • MFS volumes and partitions
  • Images in Disk Copy 4.2 format
  • Many ISO and Toast images
Apple II
  • Image sets for SP2SD
  • ProDOS floppy images and hard drives
  • DOS 3.3 floppy images
  • ProDOS volumes and partitions
  • DOS 3.3 volumes
  • Images in 2IMG format
Atari ST
  • TOS floppy images in raw format (.ST)
  • TOS floppy images in .ST format (FAT12)
  • TOS floppy images in .MSA format
  • ADF floppy images
  • HDF disk images (WinUAE)
  • ADF floppy images
  • HDF disk images (WinUAE)
  • Partitions inside hardfiles (like those created by HDInstTools in the Workbench)
Akai Samplers
  • Disk images to use in samplers
And more!
  • Disk Jockey can also create completely blank images full of zeroes (a bit like the dd command would do in Unix, but faster)

Disk Jockey can also perform a few neat tricks like:

All versions of Disk Jockey are free 🎉, but you can always buy me a coffee if you want:

If you like it, say hi on Twitter, on Mastodon or send an e-mail to dj at onegeekarmy.eu (in one word). I’m OneGeekArmy#1358 on Discord.


macOS 10.13 to macOS 14

Disk Jockey 3.4

Disk Jockey runs on the following macOS versions:

It runs natively on Intel and Apple Silicon machines. It supports Dark Mode 🤘. It’s sandboxed and has been notarized by Apple so you know it won’t mess anything up. It works offline, calls no external library and tries its best to not be a resource hog. It’s made mostly of love and coffee.

Note that you will need to move it outside of your Downloads directory (/Applications/ or ~/Applications/ would be good places).

Check out the Release Notes and the Help pages.

Older Versions

Disk Jockey 2.5
Disk Jockey 2.1
Disk Jockey, the original version


Here is some documentation. As you’ll notice, Disk Jockey has grown a lot since #Marchintosh 2022, and so has its bag of tricks.

Pre-made images

If you want to get started quickly with disk images on BlueSCSI before building your own with Disk Jockey, links to pre-made images are available on the BlueSCSI documentation page.

A bug to report? An enhancement to suggest?

Disk Jockey has a dedicated page on GitHub where you can report bugs or suggest new features.