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Hello, visitor from the far-distant future of 2022! Welcome to the Internet Web Page of a brand-new tool for your Mac OS X computer!

Disk Jockey 1999 lets you create disk images of two kinds:

System Requirements

Disk Jockey 1999 is an application that runs on the following versions of Mac OS X: Note that it might run on later versions too, but I didn't check. I'm assuming that if you're running Mac OS X 10.12 or up, you might as well use Disk Jockey.


Disk Jockey 1999 is available:


  1. Select the type of image you want to create: Volume or Device.
  2. Enter a size in MB. Note that Disk Jockey 1999 won't let you enter anything larger than 4096 MB. Keep in mind that the image will be created on the (very likely mechanical) hard drive of an older machine. This means that you probably have limited space (check what's available beforehand), and that it might take a little while.
  3. If you're creating a Device image for BlueSCSI, you may also specify the SCSI ID you want to assign it to. This is only used to create a nice file name, and does not affect the contents of the image.
  4. Change the file name if you don't like the one that is generated automatically for you.
  5. Click the button. After a while, your brand new file will be created on your Desktop.

Disk Jockey 1999 and Gatekeeper

Because it's been designed to work on machines with much more relaxed security requirements than Disk Jockey, the later version of Mac OS X will look at Disk Jockey 1999 a little suspiciously.

At first launch, you might receive the following message from Gatekeeper:

To solve this, Command-Click on its icon (or right-click if you have one of those newfangled mice with 2 buttons) and select "Open":

A new prompt will appear, this time giving you an "Open" button to click:

Do so, and you're off to the races:

And in case you wonder: Disk Jockey 1999 only saves files to your Desktop. It doesn't know anything else about your computer, and works completely offline.

But... Why?

I thought it would be neat to give the retro computing community a tool that worked on their old machines. Also, I wanted to try my hand again at old-school Objective-C 1.0 without ARC or any of the modern niceties (and I still like it very much).

Finally, this means that there's a version of Disk Jockey's image creator that spans from Mac OS X 10.4 all the way to macOS 13 Ventura. And that's cool :)

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