Disk Jockey

Disk Jockey Jr (djjr)

Disk Jockey Jr is a disk image builder that runs on the command line. It runs in macOS 12 Monterey and up.
It’s been notarized, so there won’t be any shenanigans.


You install it using the package downloadable here: djjr.zip , or by deploying it directly from Disk Jockey (it’s in the “File” menu). The installer will place it in /usr/local/bin/.


djjr --help will give you the options, but here’s a quick list:


djjr -sM 20 -d -o "HD10_512 20MB.hda"

will create a new device image in the current directory. It will be 20 MB in size (-sM 20) and it will contain everything it needs to work as a device (-d). It will be named “HD10_512 20MB.hda” (-o "HD10_512 20MB.hda").